Online scheduling

Services Offered

One location to receive care for most of your health issues.
One physician focusing on you to develop a strong and lasting patient-physician relationship with extended visits, same day appointment, 
24 hour phone availability, and coordination of care you may receive from other medical providers and specialists.
An option for Membership Benefits with Insurance allowing for unlimited e-mails, phone calls and Skype when a physical exam is not needed.
Please see the end of this section for the cost of visits when not using insurance or if interested in membership benefits with or without insurance.

Preventative exams:                                               Same day/next day appointments
Annual GYN exams                                                  Early morning, evening, weekend
School Physicals
Annual Physicals (biometric screen)                
Well-child exams

IUD placement/removals

Common Ailments:
Cardiovascular disease   Nutritional deficiencies
DepressionPMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder)
Diabetes SIBO (Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth)
FatigueSleep disorder
Food intolerances/allergiesThyroid disorders
HeadachesWeight loss
Hormone imbalanceGynecologic procedures
HyperlipidemiaBasic skin procedures (biopsies & suturing)

By limiting the number of patients in my practice, I am able to give inital one-hour and 30 min follow up appointments that allow for a relaxed, unhurried face-to-face interaction, ensuring that you will be seen on time, without having to waste your day in a waiting room.
Routine phone calls are mostly returned within one business day. Established patients may call me 24 hours a day, seven days a week for more pressing health issues. We can communicate with succinct email messages directly about non-urgent issues.  

Office visits for patients not using insurance: 30% discount for same day cash/check payments:

New patient initial visit 

30 min- $129.50    60 min- $206           90 min $241.50

Returning patient visits 

15 min - $70      30 min- $115.50      60 min - $164.50      90 min - $220.50

Monthly Membership DPC (Direct Primary Care) w/o insurance
Up to 6 hours (360 minutes) of office or Skype visits & unlimited phone calls and emails.
-Adults26+ $100 mo ($1000 yr)    

-Couples $175 mo ($1700 yr)   
-Child $50 mo ($500 yr
-Young adult 18-25 <$65 ($650 yr) ($50mo $500yr, if within family)       -Family $245 mo ($2500 yr)  

Yearly rates apply when paid up front. 

Membership w/insurance  Starting 2019: Benefits: Skype visits & unlimited phone calls & emails.    
-Adults 26+ $10 mo ($100/yr)    
-Couple $15 mo ($150/yr)  
-Child $5 ($50/yr),
-Young adult 18-25 $7mo ($70 yr) $5 mo if w/in family      
-Family $25 mo ($250 yr)           Yearly rates apply when paid up front. 


As a courtesy, I bill insurance for you. Please check to see if I am in-network with your particular insurance plan. I am in most of the networks in each insurance listed below. Moda considers me a specialist. If you plan to use your insurance, then please bring your insurance card to all appointments and notify me of any changes to your insurance status. Please pay your copay at the time of the visit by cash or check ideally. Please be aware that there may be a balance that your insurance deems as your responsibility (such as a deductible or co-insurance) or for full payment of non-covered services.  Some insurance plans do not cover annual physical exams or certain vaccinations. Please take the time to understand your insurance coverage and what is covered.
Since each insurance company now offers a large number of plans/networks, I advise that you check directly with your insurance to see if I am In-Network for your specific plan that year. I am in-network for most plans on: Aetna, Coventry/First Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, First Choice, Moda (as a "specialist") Beacon, Connexus, & Synergy., PacificSource (not Legacy network), Providence PPO & EPO, Regence, some UMR networks and United. I may also bill other out-of-network plans for you. If your insurance is not listed then call them and ask them to add me. Some have refused stating that they have enough providers already, ie Legacy under Pacific Source and Health Net.
Self Pay/ Out of Network/No Insurance
Office visits for patients not using insurance, 30% discount for same day cash/check payments: New patient initial visit 30 min- $129.50 60 min- $206 90 min $241.50 Returning patient visits 15 min - $70 30 min- $115.50 60 min - $220.50 90 min - $220.50 I will also bill your insurance even when I am not a contracted provider. You will remain responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance. I will bill you for these charges once your insurance has processed the claim. I will notify you via email if you have any outstanding charges. Payment of outstanding charges is due within 30 days of my email notification. If I have not received payment for outstanding balances by 30 days, a $15 fee will be added to your account, and will be added again for every 30 additional days the account remains unpaid in full. If you are suffering financial hardship, please contact me directly well in advance of the 30 day period, and we can negotiate a payment plan with waived late fees. A fee of $30 will be imposed for a bounced check.
Trading Services/ Self Pay
Alternatively, patients may trade skills such as gardening, produce, plant starts, handy person skills, housecleaning, massage, yoga/pilates or other instruction or donate handmade items to a gift basket. Nobody is turned away for lack of money. If you are without insurance, you can receive a 30% discount by paying with cash or check in full on the day of your appointment. Please call me if you have specific questions about my rates.


Waiting Room
For your appointment you will receive the front door code in your confirmation email. Please have a seat and I will come for you. If it is past your appointment time please text me. Further past the waiting area is a bathroom and hot/cold water dispenser, tea & coffee.
The clinic is located at 1923 NE Broadway Suite 2 . It is a beige 3 story house on the North side of Broadway just East of the Rose painted building next door. The house is close to Trimet bus lines #8 ,#17 and #77 along Broadway going west and #70 and #77 along Wiedler going east. Car parking is available in a small lot NE of the house. Bike parking is on the sidewalk.
Please request refills during our office visit. If you run low or are out of your medicine then you are likely due for a follow up appointment. I will disregard pharmacies contacting me for refills. Instead please contact me personally if you need an emergency refill outside of an office visit. There will be a $15 charge for refills outside a visit.


Phone / Texting
I am available to guide you for urgent and emergent concerns 24 hours/ 7 days a week. Between the hours of 8pm and 7am, please call with only urgent issues. I will not be checking texts or e-mails between those times. My cell phone is (971) 409-9190. Please text or e-mail me for appointment scheduling and call for health questions. If you have an emergency then please call 911.
Please use email for non-urgent messages: appointment requests, normal lab results, or billing issues. Please note that email is not entirely secure. If your email address is through your employer, your employer may be able to read the messages. Likewise, there is a small possibility of interception of messages from outside parties (“hackers”). For these reasons, it is best NOT to transmit messages of a sensitive nature, such as mental health, substance abuse, or HIV status through standard email. With these guidelines in mind, please let me know if you’d like to communicate with me via email.
While I am Unavailable
If you have an urgent health question or need to be seen while I’m away, then please go to an Urgent Care. For emergencies call 911.