Starting September 1st, 2023 the practice will change into a membership practice that takes insurance and will collect a nominal monthly fee.  A health coach will also be added to the team.
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You may schedule a free 15 minute "Meet & Greet"  visit to see if this  primary care & functional medicine membership practice is right for you.
    A Functional Medicine (click on picture) consult is a systems based approach to healthcare.  This may allow you to find root causes and develop a personalized program to address your particular health concerns such as headaches, anxiety, fatigue, gut issues, female hormones, inability to lose weight and more.  
    I practice both a blend of functional medicine and primary care in the office and with televisits. Exploring the specific root cause of a patient's illness has been rewarding.  Functional medicine allows me to better investigate the reasons for many symptoms such as fatigue, hormone issues, blood sugar problems, digestive problems, allergies, being overweight,  and is also helpful for illness prevention/ wellness promotion.

  • Your time is respected and the appointments are scheduled to begin on time. 
  • Routine phone calls and texts are returned within a few business days. Please be respectful of time between 9pm-7am.
  • Please use the Patient Portal messaging for non-urgent issues.  

I may help you coordinate the care you may receive from other providers or specialists, or even prevent or lessen the need for them with a functional medicine approach.

I prefer to rely more on a healthy lifestyle and less on pharmaceuticals. My interests are strong in nutrition, lifestyle and in “food as medicine.”  I offer a systems based approach to illness to find the root cause by casting a wider net than with conventional medical tests by testing how well your HPA axis, gut microbiome and metabolism are functioning.  I am both boarded in Family Medicine and a certified Functional Medicine practitioner. The Kalish functional medicine method is used and I collaborate with a wide array of traditional medical specialists and integrative specialists to provide my patients with great healthcare.

Healthcare with heart.
                             A L E K S A N D R A    G I E D W O Y N , M. D.                       
Born and raised in east Portland, I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from Lewis & Clark College. As a first generation Polish-American, I received my M.D. from Karol Marcinkowski Medical School and finished my Family Medicine internship and residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. I am both board certified in Family Medicine 2002 & IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine) Certified Practitioner.  I am in my 2nd year with the advanced program at the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine's Mentorship program.

 I opened my solo micro Family Medicine practice in 2017 to offer slow medicine and have discovered functional medicine along the way.  Both as an employed physician and as a patient, I have experienced mainstream medicine to resemble an assembly line form of care. Patients who are motivated to understand why they have a medical problem, rather than just wanting a pill to solve the problem, often need longer appointments than the typical 10-20 minute visits. Longer visits, new patient 50 min, follow up visits 30- 45 minutes, allow for a more holistic healing and future health success by using a systems based approach.

 I am often asked how my last name is pronounced. It has a short vowel in the first syllable, and the later part rhymes with "coin" , "Ged-voin".

 Since the 1990's I have been commuting to work by bicycle year round. Now I walk to work. In my free time I am an avid outdoor adventurer. I also enjoy yoga, meditation, and foraging wild foods.