Membership Practice

Highly Personalize Medical Care

With longer appointments,
a more holistic approach to your health care takes place.

Membership Benefits

This membership model allows for

Membership Fee

  • $50 / mo ages   0-39
  • $75 / mo ages  40-59
  • $120 / mo ages  60+
Please note that new patient appointment slots may open up this fall 2024. To join a waiting list as a new patient or if you are interested in group meetings for new patients to start the testing and protocols in a group you may contact us to let us know.


Are you a PCP (primary care provider)?               Yes I am a Family Medicine physician & I am also certified in /functional-medicine.
Will my insurance cover the membership fee?     No, but you may use your FSA or HSA to cover the monthly fee.
I am an established patient how to I join?            Click on the green Sign Up or Patient Portal buttons above
Why do I pay more for membership if am older?  More time is needed to review the health history, for referrals to specialists and prior authorizations for imaging, tests and medications

You may see me  for a functional medicine consult, online or in the office. It's best to also have a PCP of your own.
 We may also easily communicate by the patient portal,  phone or text.