Membership Practice

The practice is a membership plan that takes insurance and a monthly fee.  For details please click on: Membership.

You may see me  for a functional medicine consult, online or in the office. There is also a /healthcoach.


Functional Medicine

A systems approach to healthcare that looks for root of health problems unlike traditional western medicine. To learn more about my functional medicine approach click on Functional MedicineFor info from the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) click on IFM. 


Your health insurance will be billed for your for both the primary care and for the functional medicine consults.
Link for in network insurances:  Insurance Networks
I am in most of the insurance networks and please note that insurances may change coverage for visits, labs and more and that insurance info is not easily accessible.
Your copay is due at the time of the visit, whereas your monthly membership will be charged automatically. You may have a deductible or co-insurance,  Some insurance plans do not cover annual physical exams or certain vaccinations. Please take the time to understand your insurance coverage and what is covered. If you need assistance, please let us know.
If you do not have or don't want to use insurance, please see my rates below.

Office Information

Relaxed, unhurried face-to-face interaction, ensuring you will be seen on time, without having to waste your day in a waiting room or online.


Please request refills during our office visit. If you run low or are out of your medicine then you are likely due for a follow up appointment. I will disregard pharmacies contacting me for refills. Instead please contact me personally
if you need an emergency refill outside of an office visit there will be a $15 administrative charge per medication refilled.

Waiting Room

For your appointment you will receive a confirmation email.
When you arrive in the waiting room, make yourself comfortable & I will come for you at the time of your appointment.  If it is past your appointment time please call 503 662-1971.

Cash Pay

For those with no health insurance, a 30% discount is applied to the charges below for same day cash/check payments.
 New patient initial visit  
  • 15 min  $115  
  • 30 min  $205  
  • 45 min  $295    
  • 60 min $385
Returning patient visits  
  • 15 min  $80  
  • 30 min  $187  
  • 45 min  $265    
  • 60 min  $371
NO SHOW FEE  $75  
Also applies to rescheduling or canceling appointments <24hrs prior to scheduled appointment.



Routine phone calls may be returned within 2 business days. 
Phone / Texting
I am available to guide you for urgent and emergent concerns 24 hours/ 7 days a week. Between the hours of 8pm and 7am, please call with only urgent issues. I will not be checking texts or e-mails between those times. If you have an emergency then please call 911.
E-mail / Secure Messaging
Please use secure messaging via the Patient Portal (found at top of page) for non-urgent messages, to schedule appointments, receive normal lab results, look up billing issues.
While I am Unavailable
If you have an urgent health question or need to be seen while I’m away an on-call doctor will be assigned to take your phone calls. You will be notified if you call, send an email or secure message or If they are not available, then please go to an Urgent Care. For emergencies call 911.